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What's The Abiding Times?

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A Twice-Monthly News for:
Dudeists, Achievers and Fans of The Big Lebowski

The Abiding Times is the Lebowski newsletter that keeps you on top of the Achiever food chain! Sure, it's filled with curse words and things that're strongly vaginal ... but, it's stuff that's fuckin' interesting, man. So, sign up — it's free (unless you wanna support us).

So, go ahead and sign up. It's an almost-twice-a-month newsletter that you can either receive for free or chip in $.69 per week to help keep it going. We won't fill up your inbox and we PROMISE that, by signing up, any emails you get from us will be 100% Lebowski-related!

If you're feeling non-Dude or think you might be offended by a few "fucks" or "johnsons," save your time and move along...

Free Subscription

The Abiding Times is 100% free (though, any baksheesh you can offer will be appreciated). You'll get Fest updates and recaps, thoughts about the Church of the Latter Day Dude (yup, Dudeism) and Lebowski happenings on the web and around the world! Just fill out our form and we promise it'll never lead to any non-Lebowski-related communications - ever.

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