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The Abiding Times is the Lebowski newsletter that keeps you on top of the Achiever food chain! Sure, it's filled with curse words and things that're strongly vaginal ... but, it's stuff that's fuckin' interesting, man. So, sign up — it's free (unless you wanna support us).

It's an almost-twice-a-month newsletter that you can either receive for free or chip in $.69 per week to help keep it going. We won't fill up your inbox and we PROMISE that, by signing up, any emails you get from us will be 100% Lebowski-related!

If you're feeling non-Dude or think you might be offended by a few "fucks" or "johnsons," save your time — we'll catch ya later on down the trail...

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The Abiding Times is 100% free (though, any baksheesh you can offer will be appreciated). You'll get Fest updates and recaps, thoughts about the Church of the Latter Day Dude (yup, Dudeism) and Lebowski happenings on the web and around the world! Just fill out our form and we promise it'll never lead to any non-Lebowski-related communications - ever.

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Stuff We Cover

Achievers Thad and Val hanging with Jim Hoosier (Liam) at Lebowski Fest

Lebowski Fest

Achievers Thad and Val hanging with Jim Hoosier (On Right: The Jesus' bowling partner, Liam) at Lebowski Fest.

Achievers Thad and Val hanging with Jim Hoosier (Liam) at Lebowski Fest
Just one of many Lebowski-themed oat sodas we've discovered

Oat Sodas

Just one of many Lebowski-themed oat sodas we've discovered

Just one of many Lebowski-themed beers we've discovered
Lebowski Tattoos

Achiever Ink

Lebowski Tattoos

Lebowski Ink
News from the Lebowski Nation

Lebowski Nation

The official flag of the Lebowski Nation

News from the Lebowski Nation
Achiever Janey Christine

Awesome Achievers

Achiever, Janey Christine, shows off a few of her Lebowski-themed pins

Lebowski Pin Collections
Achiever events worlwide

International Achievers

Achiever events worlwide

Achiever events worlwide
Dudes, Dudes and More Dudes

All Sorts of Dudes

Dudes, Dudes and More Dudes

Lebowski Stars: Where are they now?

The Actors of Lebowski

Jerry Haleva in LA

Where are they now?
Fan Art to Admire or Buy

Lebowski Fan Art

Pieces to admire ... some you can buy

Fan Art to Admire or Buy

About Us

Brian Scoop Diehl, Editor
Scoop has been a fan of The Big Lebowski since he saw it in the theatre back in 1998. He owns a prized copy of the VHS, which noted that the rug made the room, "hang together." Since then, he has attended 15 Lebowski Fests (in addition to the main Fest, also in Columbus, OH; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; and Chicago, IL), has won Fest trivia contests: second place (LA) and third place (KY) - Best costume (2 times) and group costume (6 times). He's trekked to The Little Lebowski Shop in Manhattan (alas, it's gone now), and is happy to say he's one of the first Dudeist Priests (he's one of the folks who approves admission to the Church of the Latter Day Dude's Facebook page) and is proud to call Oliver Benjamin (the Dudely Lama and founder of Dudeism), Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt (founders of Lebowski Fest) his friends.

Shit Yeah, the Achievers
Founded August 14, 2011, this group of Lebowski Fest Achievers has become a tight-knit cabal that can quote the movie top-to-bottom, win trivia contests, put together award-winning costumes and find the absolute best Lebowski posts on the net (related, or almost related, to the film). Liam (a.k.a. Jim Hooosier) is one of us ... we love that guy.